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Ownership of Property on Navarre Beach

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Ownership of Property on Navarre Beach

Navarre Beach was deeded by the U.S. government to Escambia County in 1946 on the condition that the land not be resold, only leased. As a result, homes, businesses and high-rise condominiums on the beach sit on parcels that have been leased (or sub-leased) from Escambia County on 99-year contracts. The county remains the sole landowner. Congressman Matt Gaetz and Senator Marco Rubio have recently sponsored legislation to make Fee Simple title available to Navarre Beach property owners. Fee simple is an estate in land, a form of freehold ownership.

Ownership of Santa Rosa Island”.

The Area

We have an active and diverse housing market, a school system that is ranked among the top ten in the State of Florida, excellent health care facilities, and a low unemployment rate. Navarre Beach consists of four miles of gorgeous white sand located on the Gulf of Mexico adjacent to the Gulf Islands National Seashore. It has the longest fishing pier in the Gulf and is the future location of the Gulf Coast Discovery Science Center. The center will have about 5,000 square feet of space devoted to the study of coastal Florida marine ecosystems, including information on sea turtles and indigenous fish, artificial reef models and a touch tank with sharks and rays.

There are several new additions and improvements at Navarre Beach, including beach wheelchairs, a new lifeguard tower and an ADA-accessible rollout pathway. The Mobi-Mat pathway makes traversing the sand much easier for people using wheelchairs, walkers and strollers.

Anne Delaney, Pensacola News Journal, April 23, 2018,

Santa Rosa County Chamber of Commerce,

Navarre Beach Area of Commerce, incl. June 19, 2018.


Marketing and Increased Revenue

Santa Rosa County reported an increase in its bed tax revenue for the second straight four-month period. Bed-tax revenue is money generated from a 5 percent tax on hotel rooms, condominium rentals and other short-term rentals. Navarre Beach in particular continues to be a top draw for tourism dollars.

The county’s Tourist Development Office reported earnings of $971,040.25 in bed tax revenue for February through May, a 23 percent jump over the same time frame a year ago, according to Tourist Development Council (TDC) data. Tourist Development Office Director Julie Morgan, whose office oversees the TDC, said the county’s continued work on advertising and marketing are the reason for the increases.

Visitors come from target markets, including Baton Rouge, Houston, Birmingham, Montgomery and New Orleans and from emerging markets such as Little Rock, Arkansas, Atlanta, Memphis, Knoxville and Nashville.

Anne Delaney, Pensacola News Journal, July 5, 2018



Navarre Beach Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber is well-organized, well run by a team of professionals and business leaders, and focused on the key areas of their mission: The Community, Membership, Progress and Development, Special Projects and Task Forces. It is also closely aligned with the Navarre Beach Chamber of Commerce Foundation, the Military Affairs Committee, and the University of West Florida’s Small Business Development Center. The Community Division is responsible for hosting events such as Christmas in the Park, The Navarre Christmas Parade, Tunes by The Dunes (free summer concert series), The Navarre Women’s Expo, and Shop Small events. It also supports the Education Committee which funds college scholarships for graduating seniors from Navarre High School and recognizes outstanding teachers quarterly and annually. The Chamber goes a long way to enhancing the quality of life of visitors and residents alike.

Tamara Fountain, President/ CEO Navarre Chamber.

REALTOR@ Mark Boltz


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