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Today was another great day at the office at Equity & Trust Realty Inc. Here in the picture above is Eric Musch (Broker), Rhonda Musch (Office Manager),Rodney Waits (Realtor), Christy Barnes (Realtor), Bobby Walkup (Realtor), Chris Valenzuela (Realtor), Lori Mauro (Realtor), and Heather McDaniel (Realtor)

This is your team of Realtors that are dedicated to developing long lasting relationships with their clientele!

Becoming a part of this brokerage requires a TEAM first mentality. ETR agents are ethical, patient, and above all understanding; this is the type of agent you wish to have on your side when it comes to buying and selling real estate


Each agent has to have ethics in mind not only because they are required to do so as a licensed REALTOR, but also because it is the foundation of creating a strong and transparent relationship with your customer! Buying and selling real estate can be complicated at times, so having an ethical Realtor help you communicate clearly with the outside party is a very crucial component to a smooth real estate transaction.

“Always be true with your buyers and sellers, but most of all with yourself. That is the key to creating a large and sustainable business.”

~Rhonda Musch (Office Manager and co-owner of Equity & Trust)

This is above all else, the most important trait for an agent to possess and each time that you work with someone who is ethical, you can be sure they are fully disclosing all that they know and doing their very best to communicate all aspects of a real estate transaction and represent you adequately.


In the grand scheme of conducting yourself as a medium for a buyer or seller, as a Realtor you must have Patience. This may be something that they do every day but you can be very certain that they will treat you and your transaction with the care that it deserves, and at the pace you deem to be best. Being a patient professional leaves a buyer or seller at ease when it comes to being in the middle of such a complicated process. The right customer and the right Realtor can make a real estate transaction be executed both properly and stress free! This is already a stressful process to most, so ensuring that you are patient on both sides makes everything much easier and can overall benefit all parties involved. Overall, having patience ensures that both the Realtor and the customer not only have a better understanding of each other, but also gives the company and agent more room to improve their services as a whole.


All Realtor professional services are better performed with an understanding of the type of persons that are asking of their service. There are many different personalities in the field of real estate and the customer is more apt to work with who they believe can relate to them the most. This provides a large form of comfortability for both parties during a transaction, and can sometimes even branch into a strong friendship that serves as a bench mark for future referrals. Listening to a customers needs will always allow you to meet and exceed their expectations.Developing the right form of understanding is a great way ensure long term business, know a customers needs, and overall ensure a long lasting relationship.

As you can see, ETR prides their selves in being the agent brokerage that YOU wish to send more business because you know they have your best interest at heart. Having your main goals realized, creating the best form of communication, remaining ethical, and ensuring that you set the tone of your real estate transaction is merely a glimpse of the value that the Equity & Trust Realty Inc. brokerage offers.

Call this team when you are ready to work with Realtors who care about your success.

You can bet on ETR!

Written and Published by Realtor Rodney Martin Waits II

“Rod the Realtor”

Equity & Trust Realty Inc.

(850) 449-2482

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